Our Mission

Atrytone Consulting provides expert consulting, operational enablement, and product development for the complex markets within the European Union and beyond. We focus on merging systems with vision to help our partners create a better Europe and a better world. We live where people, machines and systems meet everyday life: Digital Privacy and Data Control, Digital Single Market (DSM), Specialised Financial Services including Brexit, Edge Computing, Medical IoT, Industry 4.0, Smart Cities / Vehicles / Spaces (Smart X), Advanced Robotics, and Digital Citizenship.

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Who We Are

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Ani Fox Bochenkov


Ani Fox Bochenkov has served as the managing director / CEO of Atrytone Consulting since 1989 when he and his team first evolved a fixed fee-for-service engagement model to iterate rapid scaling management and ICT consulting for venture capital funded start-ups.


Marina Bochenkova

Managing Director Benelux

Following in Ani's footsteps, Marina has decided to continue in the family business. Focusing on helping startups in the Benelux region, she finds efficient, innovative, and modern solutions to the problems that entrepreneurs and startup CEO's encounter.

Max Dunhill headshot.jpeg

Max Dunhill

EdTech Growth & Funding Specialist

Max has led the development of EdTech start-up College Connections from ideation to exit. From his experience developing College Connections, Max advises on route-to-market strategies, sales & marketing planning, fundraising, establishing Standard Operating Procedures, as well as M&A and exit strategies.

Jan Wassenaar headshot.jpg

Jan Wassenaar

Global Real Estate Innovation Lead

With over 25 years as a built environment professional and a deeply rooted personal mission focused on sustainability in architecture, Jan Wassenaar has recently completed an MBA at Globis School of
Management, Tokyo. Here he excelled in the Entrepreneurial Leadership, Venture Finance, Venture planning and Venture management and has decided to refocus his career on the emerging prop tech industry. He has recently relocated to Amsterdam, NED.