Marina Bochenkova

Managing Director Benelux

Marina Bochenkova has served as the managing director of Atrytone Benelux since 2017 when she retooled the consultancy’s engagement model to focus on pre-IPO technology start-ups in the BeNeLux region. Marina saw a vital need for entry level fixed fee business and security reviews that rapidly advanced promising new ventures to various funding and public offering gates.  In her time with AWS, she focused on cybersecurity, retail, and product development for similar start-ups in Belgium and Luxembourg. Atrytone Benelux delivers on her vision of 21st century boutique ICT provider which finds efficient, innovative, and modern solutions to the problems that entrepreneurs and startup CxOs encounter. Trained by the CEO, Marina has absorbed critical lessons relating to radical transparency, value for service, speed and capability over formality then transformed them for the modern start-up market where exponential revenue attainment requires cybersecurity savvy as well as an awareness of new business models like eCommerce and IoT.

Her formal education and internship have exposed her extensively to cloud computing, cyberphysical systems and thanks to being mentored by Atrytone’s founder, the complex frontier of EU and Global compliance, regulation, and. international privacy law. In addition she focused her Six Sigma project on Digital Single Market Immersion Experience with Piolet, a Belgian tech start-up.

A competitive entrepreneur from an early age who is also a high performance athlete, Marina has served as coach and mentor for youth and adolescent fencers; She led the US team to a Gold medal at 2015 Junior Pan-American Fencing Championships and has multiple top-3 placements at US National Championships and Cups. Before she formally joined Atrytone she worked to help assess and integrate joint companies including WAPOI Nation Global Partners and the EquiStrat VC Acceleration Project. She holds two degrees from the University of Luxembourg and will be augmenting her practical experience in ICT with a MSc in IT Security Management beginning August 2019.

Contact her at m.bochenkova@atrytoneconsulting.com.